Accelerating the Accuracy, Adoption, and Access of Clinical Decision Intelligence Applications for Better Brain Health

The current care cost estimates for those with dementia and other cognitive impairments will reach US $1 trillion globally by 2025.  Yet many healthcare systems lack specialized personnel, infrastructure, and diagnostic capabilities that lead to the timely identification of patients with cognitive impairment and dementia.  Several new intervention options exist for Alzheimer’s disease; however, healthcare systems may not be able to keep up with new and existing cases of dementia, subsequently delaying access to care sometimes by as much as 50 months.  Bioinformatics offers a potential approach to expedite access to health services but requires healthcare system adoption of clinical decision intelligence applications for earlier detection of cognitive impairments and dementia.

The Brain Watch Coalition is developing a new workgroup focused on Accelerating the Accuracy, Adoption, and Access of Clinical Decision Intelligence Applications in Established Healthcare Systems.  The workgroup, sponsored by the Campaign to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (PAD 20/20) is starting initial discussions on this topic.

The workgroup will address two questions.  First, what is the necessary and sufficient evidence to justify the adoption of computerized clinical decision intelligence applications (CDIA) for detecting cognitive impairments within different established healthcare systems?  Second, how should the Brain Watch Coalition develop elements for a collaborative demonstration project using CDIA for cognitive impairment detection that verifies and promotes sustainable adoption into existing healthcare systems?  If you are interested in participating or want more information, please send an email for more information.






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